Monday, April 27, 2009

22 just a number..

i officially turn 22 years old.

throughout these year, i really glad and thankful for everything..

aku bersyukur aku ade kluarge yg bahagie, ade papa dgn mama yang sntiase syg aku,
mok yang sntiase ade disisi aku time aku ade mslh, sntiase masuk kan aku duit,
abg jey yg sntiase wat ati aku gelak n sntiase acted cool,
aku ade adik yg aku nk marah tak ley sbb aku syg kt die,
ade ina yg lengkp kan family aku,slalu acted cute bile nk kene marah..haha

n of course my friends, i'm so thankful i met u guys (u know who u are) :D

bersyukur atas kurniaan mu YA ALLAH..

what i want when turn 22?
simple: happiness, bakal laki, mase dpn yg cerah, kejayaan hidup, FYP score, keje bagus..keimanan for sure..

*tq guyss for the wishes

Saturday, April 18, 2009

FRIENDs again

hai guys...i just finish watched FRIENDS again.. even thought i had seen it before, the ending part will always tears me up..

u wanna know why?..

in the end, every each of them choose a different part in their life.. everythings gonna change except their friendship.. it makes me thing about me and my friends...

after this, we also need to do the same thing, find our own future..demm, it's so sad to think about it.. i wish u all best of luck and i always love u guys..

we still have one month left,let's do our best in fyp and jgn gado2 ..haha

Friday, April 17, 2009


heelloo again..i'm stress so i wanna express my anger to someone who i always called "friend"

.. i gave u a space to be one of my close friend..

in this period, a lot of things i put aside just to make sure we good as a friend..
Now u did the same thing.. should i put aside my feeling again or i have to act like i dont care at all..

it's fair? or u just don't know how to treat ur friend fairly..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

coming soon..

GROUND ZERO (Digital Media Exhibition)
coming soon !!!!
creative artworks and people will be there..

Ber Picnic

awesome slide..we called "gabai lagoon"

Right after we finished our setup presentation, we planned to go picnic at sg gabai.. i we had fun guyss.. jom pegi lagiii ber picnic... Next destination willl be inform later..

FYP title design

No, i'm not breaking.

2 months left and I'm struggled with my FYP outcome. My idea keep changing, and the hardest part is I have to come out with a new idea as soon as possible. "The struggles I'm facing sometimes might knock me down but NO, I'M NOT BREAKING".I still have time to prove that i can and it's gonna be worth it. trust me..