Friday, May 29, 2009

thank u!!!


i'm gonna miss u guys!!
i'm gonna remember all the thing we had done..
i'm gonna remember every single of ur face..
i'm gonna miss stupid jokes from u..
i'm gonna put in my mind every single of ur name..
i'm gonna say i proud be one of ur friends..
i'm glad and thankful we made to the end and we have such a good memories..
i'm gonna keep all ur contact..
i'm glad i found u guys..
proud be one of DM student

i'm gonna miss..miss..misss..misssss all of u

please promise me, we'll contact each other and be friends forever


  1. hm...heading for the next step in life I see...

  2. miss selisih dlm toilet time mandi.kahkah
    yang..kak zaida link blog neh dlm blog kak zaida tau.hihi